Protect What Matters Most With Life Insurance

When you think about protecting those you care about – your spouse, children, family members – you’ve probably considered life insurance.

But you might have wondered, “Can I afford it?” After all, life insurance is expensive, right?life-insurance-cup-coffee-day

Surprisingly affordable

If you can buy a cup of coffee each morning, you can probably afford to protect your family with term life insurance.*

If the unexpected does happen, your family can use the proceeds to:

  • Pay off large debts, like a mortgage
  • Cover daily living expenses
  • Continue plans you’ve made for the future, such as an education fund for the kids

Life insurance proceeds help ensure your family members are provided for and can achieve their long-term goals, even if you’re not there to support them.

Talk to me today and start protecting your family for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee.

The example provided is not complete without the London Life illustration, including the cover page, reduced example and product feature pages all having the same date. Read each page carefully as they contain important information about the policy
*This comparison is based on London Life term 10 life insurance, male and female, up to age 40, non-smoker, standard risk, monthly premium payments. Monthly premium depends on your age, amount of coverage and general health information. Life insurance coverage amount represents the policy’s death benefit. Rates as of November 2014. Term 10 life insurance premiums increase on renewal after 10 years. Cost of coffee is based on $1.60 per cup.